WHYY’s Fresh Air Archive, TelVue Corporation

Why we use PBCore

When WHYY Philadelphia wanted to create a searchable, expandable digital archive of over 30 years of one of public radio’s most popular and successful programs, Fresh Air, they chose PBCore for the metadata format. With its robust field set and integrated support for multiple instantiations, PBCore was a strong fit to take what was previously disparate data and notes, mostly in documents and spreadsheets, and create a single record set.

How we use PBCore

After working with AudioVisual Preservation Solutions to create 5,000+ PBCore 1.2.1 records, WHYY turned to broadcast technology innovator TelVue Corporation to create a digital archive system that could store all of the records, data, and audio programs. WHYY chose TelVue because TelVue had previously worked with PBCore on several projects, and already offered digital media servers for audio and video archive and retrieval that could store terabytes of data. TelVue expanded their content management application to support the complete PBCore 1.2.1 dictionary, including full-text searching of all records. The resultant TelVue digital archive server can ingest existing PBCore records, create new records, search across all metadata fields, preview media, and link digital content as instantiations to each record. All features are accessible through a browser-based interface developed in the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

WHYY uses the TelVue system today to archive all of Fresh Air making the library more accessible for reuse, collaboration, Internet distribution, and as niche content for specific community, service, and institutional needs. As it continues to standardize on PBCore, WHYY will soon expand its use of the TelVue PBCore archive server to other programs produced at WHYY. TelVue is exploring full support for the forthcoming PBCore 2.0, based on WHYY’s needs.


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