WNET.org’s Digital Asset Management System

How we use PBCore

WNET.org is New York City’s premier public television station, serving the largest market in the country. The station is also one of the major producers of national programming on PBS, originating such signature series as NATURE; Live from Lincoln Center; American Masters; Religion & Ethics Newsweekly; Cyberchase; and Need to Know. The WNET Tape Archives has more than 35,000 tapes and other materials and its holdings go back more than 50 years. WNET is also deeply involved in teacher education and adapting our productions for use in the K-12 classroom.

When the station acquired a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system made by DALET, the metadata fields were configured from the start to be PBCore compliant. As DALET is rapidly becoming the primary in-house system for digital editing and storage, PBCore records are created at the time new files are ingested, and then supplemented with additional information as the production moves along.

Why we use PBCore

The DAM allows multiple departments each to have access to the same information about any given asset, and PBCore is key to creating a standard structure and vocabulary for content, regardless of format or origination. It has enabled the Archive to get access to program information immediately, at the same time it facilitates program files being used by various departments with different requirements, such Interactive (on-line content) and Creative (interstitials and promos) as well as individual production units.

One of the more important applications has been using PBCore to help describe segments used in WNET’s VITAL (Video in Teaching and Learning) service, which packages public television program materials into segments geared to classroom curricula. VITAL educational materials are shared with other PTV stations through Teacher’s Domain and PBS’s Digital Learning Library, and PBCore assures standardization of information across these and similar program exchanges.


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