2.0 Change Requests Aggregated

Attached is an Excel sheet aggregating the change requests gathered for PBCore 2.0 development. The three sheets represent three different modes of gathering requests (online, in conversation, etc.)


We had a lot of repeat requests which is encouraging and has help us focus in on a few key changes needed for PBCore 2.0:

  1. Collections – how to bundle or wrap multiple PBCore records into a collection or feed
  2. Episodes/Chapters/Segmentation – how to use PBCore to represent complex records
  3. Multiple Carriers – how to express one work across multiple carriers (e.g. one program that spans three tapes)
  4. People and affiliations – how to increase PBCore’s capacity to store structured “people” data
  5. Controlled vocabularies – many are outdated and need review. Also support linked data protocols by allowing references to UIDs or URLs.
  6. Rights – how to make use of PBCore’s extension capabilities to express more complex rights metadata

Many of these issues point to the fact that PBCore 1.2 and 1.3 have not been fully documented on this site and new examples are needed.

We hope to remedy this and include 2.0 documentation as we continue to re-vamp the site this fall. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to address the issues outlined here or in the spreadsheet, please pass them along! Comment on this post or email pbcoreinfo@wgbh.org.

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