Change Requests so far… Submit yours!

We are still gathering change requests for PBCore 2.0, to be published in November, 2010. Any requests submitted by July 25, 2010 will be considered for PBCore 2.0. Requests submitted after July 25th will be recorded for the next version of PBCore.

Change requests collected thus far are attached to this post as an Excel file. We will be adding more requests as we receive them. Please submit yours, comment on other requests, and add your voice to the PBCore 2.0 process!


2 responses to “Change Requests so far… Submit yours!”

  1. Daniel Jacobson

    I would like to see PBCore evolve into a feed-based structure, allowing natively more than one document to be distributed in a single request (without the need for other protocols or standards). I have previously suggested a wrapper XML element called pbcoreCollection that will allow multiple elements to be bundled inside of it. The full recommendation can be found at

  2. Carl Rambert

    If your group has a need to capture contact information for people and entities such as pbcoreCreator, pbcoreContributor, and pbcorePublisher, I suggest a single element contactInfo in each container that accepts a complete, native vCard (.vcf) (virtual business card) as its payload. The copy and paste of a (.vcf) from the computer’s (e-mail) address book is much simpler than filling in many individual fields for address, phone, e-mail, and web page.

    The PRISM working group has adopted this technique for people listed in its pending PRISM Metadata for Images schema: creators, contributors, and peoplePictured.

    Contract this to IPTC Core which uses 9 of its 40 elements to capture the contact information for the Creator, or PLUS which uses 12 of is 85 element to capture the contact information for Licensor(s).

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