PBCore Controlled Vocabulary Recommendations

The PBCore Controlled Vocabularies Team has been working hard to review the existing state of the PBCore maintained and recommended vocabularies. We have made recommendations for which Asset level elements and attributes we think PBCore should maintain a unique vocabulary for, and which we should recommend the use of specific pre-existing vocabularies for. Our recommendations can be reviewed in this google doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a5oXzT7BuYSfwRvafHeb_e-Mx8qBQeJqzFD8wcOnknk/edit), where we encourage PBCore users to make comments and ask questions. Starting on Wednesday February 18th, we will be taking your comments into consideration as we proceed to the next step of revising the controlled vocabularies. We greatly appreciate any input from PBCore users.

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