PBCore Schema review needs your comments

The PBCore Schema Team is hot on the heels of the next version/update of the PBCore 2.x schema. They’re taking comments and feature requests until September 30, 2014 for the next schema release planned for March 2015.

All parties interested in contributing to the ongoing development and improvement of PBCore should please submit their issues with the current version of the standard to the PBCore GitHub issue tracker. Submitted issues may be related to any aspect of PBCore: the data model, XML schema, individual element or attributes, vocabularies, etc. We also invite you to comment on issues submitted by others.

The URL for the PBCore GitHub issue tracker is: https://github.com/WGBH/PBCore2.0/issues

For instructions on submitting issues to GitHub, please see Lauren Sorensen’s earlier blog post on PBCore.org.

PBCore is now being used by a great many public media organizations, film archives, broadcasters, libraries, and academic institutions. With your help, we’ll make the next version more useful for all concerned!

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