Cataloging Tool’s Runtime Versions Available for Download

The PBCore Cataloging Tool based on FileMaker Pro databases was made available for download earlier in 2007. The tool is a fully featured database file that complies with the PBCore metadata dictionary. It provides a PBCore compliant method for describing media assets and has direct links to the PBCore User Guide for assistance. The Tool also offers export and import of XML files of metadata that are based on the PBCore XSD (XML Schema Definition).

As a database file, the Tool required the user to purchase and install the actual FileMaker application in order to launch and run the Tool. We call this iteration of the Tool the Standard Version. The PBCore project has just made availabe the Tool’s Runtime Versions. The Runtime Versions do not require the FileMaker application. They are stand-alone, self-launching files and are available in two editions, one for the Macintosh and one for the Windows operating systems.

Duplicating a metadata record is now possible! One of the frequently asked updates to the Cataloging Tool is the ability to duplicate an individual record and then modify the duplicate to reflect only minor changes in the metadata descriptions. This is helpful when the intellectual content remains the same, but the formats (instantiation) or the intellectual property rights are the only adjustments in the data record.

The links to download these files are to be found at

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