Cataloging Tool using PBCore (FileMaker for Mac & Windows) Ready for Download!!

Need to catalog media items using the PBCore Metadata Dictionary?

From our PBCore User Guide ( you may now download the FileMaker Cataloging Tool along with two read me files (for end-users, and for admins/developers who want to customize the tool).

An audio/video overview of the Cataloging Tool is available in our fourth training module, PBCore 104 at

From within the Cataloging Tool, each metadata field is accompanied by a direct hyperlink to its definition and guidelines for usage in the PBCore User Guide.

The PBCore Team wishes to offer its appreciation and gratitude to those who made this possible:

– to Paul Burrows at KUED Media Solutions/University of Utah and Dave MacCarn at WGBH: for helping to research available tools and determining that our available resources were best applied in building our own tool to serve the needs of public media
– to Kevin Carter and Dave MacCarn at WGBH for the many hours and care they invested in building this tool, and the thought-filled ways in which they sought to address as much of the beta feedback as possible
– to our beta testers: Geoff Freed/WGBH; Paul Burrows/KUED Media Solutions/University of Utah; Glenn Clatworthy and Julie Fenderson/PBS; Dave Rice/Democracy Now!; Regina Kammer and Michelle Futornick/Stanford University News Service; Cecilia Merkel/WPSU; Tom Cummings/WBGU; Kat Sripathy and Mary Ann Thyken/ITVS; and others who volunteered.

We believe we have addressed and implemented most — about 90% — of the feedback in this released version of the tool. Included in our report to the Corporation for Public Braodcasting is a list of suggested enhancements that will better serve known future needs of PBCore and its users.

The PBCore Users Group listserv (sign-up available at is a resource to support the PBCore community of practice — please share your questions, experiences and innovations.

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