PBCore Training 104: The PBCore Cataloging Tool Now Available On-Demand

So far, our previous Training Sessions 101-103 dealt with defining metadata, examining the PBCore metadata elements, and reviewing the PBCore XML Schema (XSD). Now Session 104: The PBCore Cataloging Tool is now available for On-Demand viewing.

PBCore Session 104: The PBCore Cataloging Tool

Discussion of the PBCore FileMaker Pro cataloging tool (releasing September 28, 2007 for download from http://pbcore.org/PBCore/PBCore_Tools.html). The tool facilitates the markup of descriptions for media objects and has XML data import and export capabilities for sharing and interoperability, based on the PBCore XML Schema Definition (XSD).

The on-demand versions of the trainings are posted as PowerPoint, Acrobat PDF, QuickTime Movie, Audio MP3, and iTunes/iPod Compatible Video. To download, visit our web page http://pbcore.org/PBCore/PBCore_TrainingMaterials.html.

The PBCore Project is administered by the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH (NCAM). Initial PBCore development, advocacy and training is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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