Sample Metadata Records Available for Review in PBCore User Guide

What do Complete Metadata Records look like with PBCore?

In our PBCore User Guide, the Full Documentation and Cheat Sheet Documentation for the PBCore metadata elements provide numerous examples of data entries. These examples are viewed on an element-by-element basis. We have now posted samples as complete metadata descriptions on a record-by-record basis where all the PBCore elements are populated with descriptive data for a given media item or object (

Our sample records catalog different media types and variations on “repeating elements and containers.” The layout of our sample metadata records follows the structure of PBCore in an easy to read format, showing each element within its container, organized by Content Class (Intellectual Content, Intellectual Property, Instantiation, and Extensions). If there is a question about the definition and best practice for using an element, each is hyperlinked to its original documentation in the PBCore User Guide.

Containers and Sub-Containers can be repeated if there are multiple instances of metadata descriptions. For example, if there are multiple renditions or media formats for a single asset, then the container pbcoreInstantiation (with its metadata elements) is repeated for each rendition; on the other hand, the Intellectual Content for the entire asset is only entered once within a single metadata record for the entire asset and all of its multiple renditions. Likewise, if an asset has descriptions for both Temporal Coverage and Spatial Coverage, then the container pbcoreCoverage is repeated in order to enter the keywords for each type of coverage. We have even provided an example of a full-length program and the discrete segments it contains.

Every Sample Metadata Record provides a link to a complete XML version of the sample descriptions, in accordance with the PBCore XSD (XML Schema Definition).

To further discuss PBCore Metadata Records, we recommend joining the PBCore User Group Community ( and sharing your questions and experiences there in the threaded discussions and listserv.

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