PBCore Presentations from AMIA 2014

Members of the PBCore Advisory Subcommittee of the Association of Moving Image Archivists presented a session at the annual conference titled “Pursuing PBCore: The Revitalization of a Schema and Community.”

Session Chair Casey Davis began the discussion by generally highlighting the background and progress of the PBCore Advisory Subcommittee and called for the community to offer frank feedback on the future of the schema. “Good metadata standards not only provide a usable, understandable, and interoperable model for organizing data about common objects, but…more importantly — there should exist an engaged and forward-thinking community of stewards to carry the standard forward with the industry, as needs continue to change and as the community of users grows,” added Davis.

The session panelists included Jessica Bitely, Preservation Director at the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC); Jack Brighton, Director of New Media and Innovation at Illinois Public Media; John Passmore, Archives Manager at WNYC, and Mary Miller, Peabody Awards Collection Archivist at the University of Georgia.

Jessica explained and outlined the PBCore User and Non-User Survey and its results, as well as how the Education Team plans to address the issues identified in the survey. Jack Brighton and John Passmore provided case studies of how their institutions use PBCore, and Mary Miller provided a skeptic’s perspective on PBCore. Her complicated relationship with PBCore was well summarized in her quote, “I don’t love you, but I need you,” a feeling that many in the audience admitted to having.

But enough of this recap — you can see the slides yourself!

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