Attribute titleType classifies by named type data used in a pbcoreTitle element, preferably by using a value from a controlled vocabulary.



  • <pbcoreTitle titleType="Full">NOVA: Pocahontas Revealed</pbcoreTitle>
  • <pbcoreTitle titleType="Program">Pocahontas Revealed</pbcoreTitle>
  • <pbcoreTitle titleType="Series">NOVA</pbcoreTitle>


3 responses to “titleType”

  1. Courtney Michael

    for consistency’s sake this attribute should have ref/source/etc like descriptionType

  2. Allison Smith

    The titleType recommended list seems to include a real laundry list of terms including object names and other cataloguing concepts!

    May I suggest the following title types lifted from the AACR2 and RDF guidelines:

    Collective | Parallel | Series | Subseries | Supplied | Title proper | Variant

    • Collective [RDA/AACR2] – A title proper that is an inclusive title for an item containing several works. Example: Wisconsin School of the Air, Wisconsin College of the Air. RDA calls this “Conventional collective title”

    • Parallel [RDA/AACR2] – The title proper in another language and/or script

    • Series [RDA/AACR2] – A group of separate items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective [series] title applying to the group as a whole. Individual items may or may not be numbered. Example: Let’s draw, Journeys in music land, Accent on living, etc. RDA refers to this as “Series title proper”.

    • Subseries [RDA/AACR2] – A series within a series. Its title may or may not be dependent on the title of the main series. Examples: Accent on living: Yarns of yesteryear. RDA refers to this as “Subseries title proper”.

    • Supplied [RDA/AACR2] – A title supplied by the cataloguer for an item that has no title proper on the chief source of information. It may be taken from elsewhere on the item itself (see also Markings/Inscriptions), from a reference source, or a composed by the cataloguer. RDA refers to this as “Devised title”.

    • Title proper [RDA/AACR2] – The chief name of an item, including any alternative title, but excluding parallel titles and other title information; Title supplied by the maker (artist, author, etc.). If published printed material, this title can be found on the title page of the resource.

    • Variant [RDA] – A title or form of title by which a work is known that differs from the title proper, or form of title chosen as the preferred title for the work. Examples: Earlier or Later titles, misspelled, misidentified, or misnamed titles, former titles, etc.

  3. Allison Smith


    Actually – to dispel any confusion – it’s the AACR2 and RDA (not RDF) that I lifted these from….

    Thanks! Allison

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