The descriptor pbcoreAssetType indicates the broad editorial format of the assets contents. AssetType describes the PBCore record as a whole and at its highest level. Though a record may contain many instantiations of different formats and generations, for example, assetType may be used to indicate that they all represent a “program” or a “clip.” In FRBR language, assetType would be used to describe an asset at the “work” level. (Whereas instantiationMediaType would describe the “item” level.) This element is largely based on the EBUCore element ObjectType.


/ pbcoreDescriptionDocument / pbcoreAssetType



zero or more times

May Contain:

4 or less optional attributes, specific:

Contained by:

Contained with:

[Any elements used MUST appear in this relative order]


  • <pbcoreAssetType>Program</pbcoreAssetType>
  • <pbcoreAssetType source="pbcoreAssetType" ref="http://metadataregistry.org/concept/show/id/1627.html">Story</pbcoreAssetType>


4 responses to “pbcoreAssetType”

  1. Dave Rice

    Aren’t the ‘source’ and ‘ref’ attributes supposed to describe the content of the pbcoreAssetType (in this case ‘Story’)? In the example provided both the source and ref attributes refer back to the concept of the element name, ‘pbcoreAssetType’, and not the ‘Story’.

  2. Nino Gabrielli

    @David Rice:

    In my opinion, in an XML perspective, an attribute must describe the element to which it refers, not its value.

  3. Nino Gabrielli

    One thing which is not clear to me however is why “Item” is included in the PBCore vocabulary suggested for this element. (See: http://metadataregistry.org/concept/list/page/1/vocabulary_id/137.html )

    Isn’t “pbcoreAssetType” supposed to describe the work and not its instanciation? What would be the use of the value “item” in that case?

  4. Robert Wolfe

    I am struggling to identify the right value from the pbcore Asset Type vocabulary to assign to a short documentary film. You need to provide definitions for the vocabulary terms.

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