The descriptor contributor identifies a person or organization that has made substantial creative contributions to the intellectual content within a media item. This contribution is considered to be secondary to the primary author(s) (person or organization) identified in the descriptor creator.


/ pbcoreDescriptionDocument / pbcoreContributor / contributor



1 time only

May Contain:

3 or less optional attributes, specific:

3 or less optional attributes, specific:

Contained by:

Contained with:

[Any elements used MUST appear in this relative order]

  • /pbcoreDescriptionDocument/pbcoreContributor/contributor
  • /pbcoreDescriptionDocument/pbcoreContributor/contributorRole


  • <pbcoreContributor>
            <contributor>Lisa Quijano Wolfinger</contributor>
  • <pbcoreContributor>
            <contributor>Yo-Yo Ma</contributor>
            <contributorRole source="PBCore contributorRole" ref="">Instrumentalist</contributorRole>


PBCore recommends the following practices:

For personal names

Enter personal names in inverted form using commas as indicated here:

  • LastName, FirstName MiddleName, Suffix.
  • Substitute a MiddleInitial for a MiddleName as appropriate, or ignore if not available.
  • The suffix is any type of academic credential (Ph.D., Ed.D.) or familial lineage (Smithee, Alan, III)

For corporate or organizational names:

Enter corporate names in full direct form. Use the most specific and commonly used official name for an organization if it is distinctive enough to identify the group who is considered to be a contributor. If a particular subdivision of an organization is the actual contributor, identify both the more encompassing group as well as the subdivisions.

The hierarchy (main group and subdivision) starts with the main group, followed by , then the subdivision.

For example:

  • State of Utah. Film Commission
  • Smithee Productions. Educational Division
  • Wisconsin Public Television. Extension Division

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