The pbcoreDescription element uses free-form text or a narrative to report general notes, abstracts, or summaries about the intellectual content of a media item you are cataloging. The information may be in the form of a paragraph giving an individual program description, anecdotal interpretations, or brief content reviews. The description may also consist of outlines, lists, bullet points, rundowns, edit decision lists, indexes, or tables of content.


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  • <pbcoreDescription descriptionType="Version">HV (home video) Master Letterbox</pbcoreDescription>
  • <pbcoreDescription descriptionType="Program" descriptionTypeRef="http://metadataregistry.org/concept/show/id/1686.html">On May 13, 1607, three English sailing vessels drop anchor beside a small island fringed by swamps in the James River, Virginia. On board are 104 colonists who will establish the first successful English settlement in the New World at Jamestown. The exploits of the brash, swashbuckling John Smith, the wily, venerable chief Powhatan, and his infatuated daughter Pocahontas will be recited, retold, and embroidered until they gather the status of an epic founding myth of the new nation. Now, on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, science is revealing the truth behind the myth - a saga of unparalleled adventure, greed, and savagery. Virginia archaeologists have just discovered the site of the capital, Werowocomoco, some 17 miles from Jamestown beside the York River. This is the very spot where the captive John Smith had his famous life-and-death encounter with the mighty chief, in which (so the story goes) the smitten Pocahontas begged her father to spare his neck. NOVA has covered the excavation of this unique site for four years and for the first time reveals the Native American side of the Jamestown story. The evidence from Werowocomoco will provide a fascinating new perspective on the colonists' inevitably one-sided accounts of their sometime allies and adversaries.</pbcoreDescription>
  • <pbcoreDescription descriptionType="Shot List" startTime="00:00:34" endTime="00:06:22">
    00:00:34  ship at dock/EWS
    00:01:01  Crew on deck/WS
    00:01:43  Ship bow tied to pier/WS
    00:02:02  Ship ext./observation deck/MS
    00:02:24  ship ext. Maurice Ewing sign/MS
    00:02:39  Ship ext./anchor/MS
    00:03:05  Ship ext./ stern/WS
    00:04:02  Maurice Ewing New York sign on stern/CU
    00:04:22  Truck L past length of ship/WS
    00:05:17  Ian on deck/talking to man/MS/CU
    00:05:35  Crew setting up on bow/WS
    00:06:00  Men on captain's deck/MS/Ian on deck/MS</pbcoreDescription>

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