The descriptor instantiationAlternativeModes is a catch-all metadata element that identifies equivalent alternatives to the primary visual, sound or textual information that exists in a media item. These are modes that offer alternative ways to see, hear, and read the content of a media item. Examples include DVI (Descriptive Video Information), SAP (Supplementary Audio Program), ClosedCaptions, OpenCaptions, Subtitles, Language Dubs, and Transcripts. For each instance of available alternativeModes, the mode and its associated language should be identified together, if applicable. Examples include ‘SAP in English,’ ‘SAP in Spanish,’ ‘Subtitle in French,’ ‘OpenCaption in Arabic.’


/ pbcoreDescriptionDocument / pbcoreInstantiation / instantiationAlternativeModes



1 time or less

May Contain:

Contained by:

Contained with:

[Any elements used MUST appear in this relative order]


  • <instantiationAlternativeModes>SAP in English</instantiationAlternativeModes>
  • <instantiationAlternativeModes>fre</instantiationAlternativeModes>

One response to “instantiationAlternativeModes”

  1. Leighton Christiansen

    This would be another element that it would be useful to be able to use more than once.

    Some instantiations may have captions in English and Spanish, for instance, that we should record in the record.


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