Broadway Video Digital Media

How we use PBCore

Broadway Video Digital Media (BVDM) used PBCore as part of their work for the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Green Light for Midtown campaign. The primary goal of the project was to produce an edited video that could be used as a promotional tool for the campaign. The final production was approximately five minutes long, and can currently be viewed at the DOT’s website.

A secondary goal of the project was to provide searchable access to the DOT of the unedited footage. PBCore was used as the basis for their Library Access Platform’s data model.

Why we use PBCore

Because PBCore uses language and terminology appropriate to both the technical user and the non-broadcast users at the DOT, it fit their needs perfectly. The Library Access Platform allows users to search on PBCore-based terms and view proxies of the raw footage.


Dirk Van Dall

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