WGBH Digital Asset Management

Why we use PBCore

The Media Library and Archives and Applied Technology departments helped inform the original metadata model that would become PBCore. For this reason, PBCore aligns well with our existing systems and we have worked to keep them PBCore compliant. Using PBCore allows us to interchange metadata easily with our own internal systems and with external initiatives such as the American Archive.

How we use PBCore

WGBH uses the Open Text Media Management (formally Artesia) Digital Asset Management platform. All of the fields within the current DAM metadata model are mapped to PBCore. WGBH productions are required to deliver a PBCore compliant filemaker database describing the assets they are depositing into the archive, whether physical or digital. In the case of digital assets, the Media Library and Archives, working with WGBH productions, is ingesting the files into the DAM and retrieving the metadata from the delivered filemaker databases.

As of December 2010, the WGBH DAM holds over 157,000 media files, each of which are described using PBCore compliant fields.


Karen Colbron
Digital Archives Manager

One response to “WGBH Digital Asset Management”

  1. Ken Verdoia

    I am the Director of Production with public station KUED-TV in Salt Lake City. While we have made some inroads in management of our archived media assets (and participated in the AACIP)..we are now facing the “grown up” decisions of storage, retrieval, metadata, and portals for public access.
    I am certain GBH has negotiated this terrain long ago. I wonder if there is a presentation, archived webinar, or similar information source that might recount your station’s experiences and decisions relating to archive storage, management, etc.?
    I would be grateful for any direction you might provide. Thanks!
    –Ken Verdoia, KUED

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