Case Studies

PBCore is used in diverse settings for diverse purposes. To add your organization’s case study please contact us.

Illinois Public Media

In 2009 Illinois Public Media was one of 22 stations participating in the American Archive Pilot Project (AAPP). The AAPP provided funding to discover, digitize, and catalog public radio and TV content on the Civil Rights Movement produced from 1954 to 1975, and World War Two-related content produced in relation to the Ken Burns documentary The War.

Broadway Video Digital Media

Broadway Video Digital Media (BVDM) used PBCore as part of their work for the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Green Light for Midtown campaign. The primary goal of the project was to produce an edited video that could be used as a promotional tool for the campaign.

WGBH Digital Asset Management

The Media Library and Archives and Applied Technology departments helped inform the original metadata model that would become PBCore. For this reason, PBCore aligns well with our existing systems and we have worked to keep them PBCore compliant.

WGBH Open Vault

The WGBH Media Library and Archives needed a format for exchange that would be sufficient to describe our multimedia assets yet not overly complex.

Secure Media Network: Dance Heritage Coalition & BAVC

The Secure Media Network is a collaborative project of the Dance Heritage Coalition and Bay Area Video Coalition, which starts with a union catalog of submitting dance archives’ records and goes from there integrating a digital repository (in testbed phase presently) and web interface for access.

New York Public Radio Archives (WNYC)

The New York Public Radio Archives encompasses collections from WNYC, WQXR, and the broadcasts from NYPR’s performance venue, The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. Our catalogue currently lists more than 44,000 assets with nearly 80,000 instantiations, covering the wide range of analog and digital audio formats, from lacquer discs to wav files.

WITNESS’s video catalog

WITNESS is a non-profit organization that collaborates with human rights groups around the world to co-produce and distribute videos that advance human rights causes. We maintain a Media Archive to collect, preserve and provide access to the audiovisual recordings made by WITNESS and our partners to support advocacy and the prosecution of justice, and for truth-telling and the historical record.

Minnesota Public Radio

We use some PBCore elements, drawing from those in existence at the time we designed our database, some eight years ago. Once the system was launched that essentially froze our element structure. We haven’t had technical support to make major changes.