PBCore featured at IMA Session by Jack Brighton, WILL

Jack Brighton is the Assistant Director of Broadcasting and Director of Internet Development at WILL Public Media, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he manages web site technology and content. At the February 19-23, 2008, Conference of the Integrated Media Association, Mr. Brighton hosted a presentation on PBCore as the metadata standard for public broadcasting stations. In his session he asked such questions as: What does this mean for you? What is the purpose of a metadata standard anyway, and why PBCore? The essentials of the PBCore standard and its XML schema were covered. References were made to a variety of resources and tools, including the free File Maker Pro-based PBCore cataloging utility. Brighton also demonstrated how to use a website Content Management System to create an online video library, complete with standards-compliant web pages, RSS/Atom feeds, and PBCore XML records for each media object.

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