PBCore Resources Website now Available to help you use PBCore

This is THE PLACE for users of the PBCore Metadata Dictionary and Schema!

The PBCore Resources Website is a place to collaborate and share experiences related to PBCore. Many of us are jumping into PBCore for cataloging and sharing information about A/V objects. We are finding it useful, but there are nuances to using PBCore properly, and in some situations, PBCore has not yet been able to fulfill all cataloging needs. Official change management is currently in the hands of the PBCore Resource Group. But everyone using PBCore in the wild either has implementation efforts to share or specific questions to ask about best practices in employing PBCore.

Jack Brighton is Director of New Media & Innovation at Illinois Public Media, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has spearheaded the effort to provide you with a place to share PBCore experiences, ask questions, and provide observations, all in a threaded discussion format. As well, announcements and links to related metadata activities and presentations are provided.

The PBCore Resources Website (http://www.pbcoreresources.org) can be considered a companion to the primary PBCore site (http://pbcore.org). Please visit the new user resources site, create a log-in, and begin sharing and learning about all things PBCore.

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