PBCore v1.2 in on the Horizon

A portion of the original PBCore v1.1 metadata dictionary is changing into what will be known as PBCore v1.2. The justification for changes to the PBCore schema is to better accommodate the possibility that a media asset may have multiple instantiations, all the same except for technical attributes. Thus, metadata elements that describe a media asset as a whole still exist in v1.2; however, the different attributes associated with multiple instantiations are now “containerized” under a new container called the pbcoreEssenceTrack.

That’s quite a mouthful. To preview the differences between v1.1 and v1.2, visit our web page on the PBCore XML Schema Definition (XSD). Comparative diagrams and further narrative discussion is provided there in order to highlight what will be the next edition of PBCore. An updated version of the XSD is immediately available for download from the same web page. However, the documentation and User Guide for PBCore has not yet been updated throughout the overall PBCore website. Stay tuned for that adjustment.

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