PBCore Revision History

Having just published PBCore 2.0, we thought we’d summarize the evolution of the schema. Following is a timeline and summary of previous versions of PBCore. For new developments in 2.0, see Jack Brighton’s “Introducing PBCore 2.0″ post.

1.3 – August 2010

PBCore version 1.3 added a new top-level element, a new attribute of string values, and removed the previous requirement to describe one or more instantiations of any asset. Its new element, “pbcoreAssetType,” could be used to explicitly declare the asset’s broad business purpose, and its new attribute “source” could help clarify the text value of an element, much like the attribute “version” has done. PBCore v1.3 used 62 elements organized into 15 containers and 4 sub-containers.

1.2.1 – December 2008

PBCore version 1.2.1 was published to better accommodate the possibility that a media asset may have multiple instantiations with various technical attributes. A new container called “pbcoreEssenceTrack” contains all other new elements to express different attributes associated with multiple instantiations. PBCore v1.2.1 used 61 elements organized into 15 containers and 4 sub-containers.

1.1 – January 2007

PBCore Version 1.1 enhanced the binding of related metadata elements (such as Title and TitleType) into new, hierarchically-organized “Element Containers.” In that arrangement, each Element Container collects and houses associated “child” Elements that are thematically related. Basically, what was a “flat” arrangement of the 48 PBCore elements became a more “nested” structure of 53 elements, arranged in 15 containers and 3 sub-containers.

1.0 – April 2005

PBCore Version 1.0 defined 48 metadata elements which combined to describe a media asset or resource’s intellectual content, creation, creators, usage, permissions, constraints, use obligations, and its form or format in the physical or digital realm.

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