PBCore Version 1.0 is Published!

The Working Groups for the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are enthusiastically pleased to announce the the PBCore set of media descriptors, v1.0 is now published! The dictionary of metadata elements, their descriptions, and usage guidelines are ready for you to review in the PBCore User Guide.

With the finalization of licensing and copyright statements, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has released and published PBCore (the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary), a standard way to describe all public broadcasting content (video, audio, text, images, rich interactive objects). It allows content to be more easily retrieved and shared among colleagues, software systems, institutions, community and production partners, private citizens, and educators. It can also be used as a guide for the onset of an archival or asset management process at an individual station or institution. Such a standard is pivotal to applying the real power of digital technology to meet the mission of public broadcasting.

PBCore emerged from its Test Implementation phase in 2004 and was finalized for the launch of version 1.0 in 2005. Under development since January 2002, PBCore is the result of unprecedented cross-organizational cooperation by a team of public radio and television producers and managers, archivists and information scientists.

Available free of charge to public broadcasting stations, distributors, vendors, partners, and related communities, version 1.0 of PBCore is ready for your use.

PBCore Elements

Licensing Agreement – This work, the PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary), is licensed under a Creative Commons License. See our Licensing Agreement via the Creative Commons for further information on employing PBCore in your projects and initiatives and how to properly attribute your use of PBCore to the Metadata Dictionary Project.

Licensing PBCore

Building a Community of Practice – A metadata dictionary and the situations in which it is applied are not static. Much work has been accomplished in order to define a core set of metadata descriptors for use by Public Broadcasters and their associated communities and partners. However, we are part of an evolutionary process that is building a “Community of Practice” for the uses and applications of the PBCore.

Plans are under way to designate an Authority/Maintenance Organization. We anticipate this group will continue to develop and mature the PBCore Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary. This Authority will be asked to maintain and update the PBCore, in addition to providing user support, training, and PBCore metadata tools (see User Guide).

As part of this Authority, a Project Director will likely coordinate efforts to promote PBCore and assist you in its application for your many data creation, manipulation and transport needs.

At all times, we welcome feedback, questions, comments, concerns, requests, needs, and quandaries about the PBCore.

In order to collect and track your feedback, we are providing a brief form for completion. Click on the Feedback Form button below to fill in and submit your comments…

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