Summary Report for the PBMD Request for Comments Surveys for PBCore

Steven R. Vedro (RFC Phase Director), Marcia Brooks, (PBMD Project Director), Paul E. Burrows and Eric R. Carlson (RFC Survey Instruments)

Beginning in January 2002 a team of public broadcasting station and national network representatives and invited guest experts worked to develop a draft metadata dictionary for public broadcasting. This effort, managed by WGBH/Boston under a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, resulted in a draft “Public Broadcasting Core Metadata Elements Dictionary” completed by the project’s “Dictionary Team” in January of 2004. Controlled vocabulary “refinements” for each of the metadata elements were completed on February 27th and 28th.

Immediately following this activity, a Request for Comments (RFC) process was started. The RFC activities consisted of three data-collection rounds:

  1. A preliminary survey of the “usefulness” of each of the PBCore Dictionary element definitions and refinements/vocabularies was conducted from February 4-10, 2004. Seventeen (17) members of the PBCore Dictionary Working Group were invited to participate; three (3) reviewed the survey questions and made general comments, and ten (10) members completed the full survey.
  2. A larger group of thirty-two (32) invited respondents and five (5) additional Working Group members (37 total) took the full survey between February 16 and March 1st; and
  3. A small group of nine (9) “metadata experts” from the library science, national standards, and media indexing and archivist communities extended their comments via an “open-ended” survey. They were also asked a number of questions relating to the “philosophy” of metadata schemas that could inform the work of the team asked to update and maintain the “PBCore.”

PBMD RFC Invitation to Participate in the Surveys | PBMD RFC – Summary Report

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