Summary Report for the PBMD Test Implementations of the PBCore

Alan Baker (Test Implementation Phase Director), Marcia Brooks, (PBMD Project Director)

There was a sincere belief by all participants in the Test Implementation Phase that their organization, and public broadcasting at large, needs something like the PBCore to be widely available, and in use by a majority of public broadcasters, if they are going to be able to capitalize on opportunities in the future. These opportunities range from simple labor cost savings to new business opportunities.

Also, because broadcasters have not had affordable Digital Asset Management solutions available to them, many have delayed acting to solve pressing problems related to storage and handling of their content, especially that material which is born digital and resides on production and broadcast servers. This delay created a situation where many broadcasters are in critical need for solutions that will enable them to share content with their production and distribution partners, as well as help ease the burden on their current digital production, broadcast, and archive systems.

Test Implementations – Summary Report

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