Updated User Guide to PBCore v1.1

With the publication of version 1.1 of PBCore, our online User Guide has been re-edited and updated.

The PBCore User Guide (http://pbcore.org/PBCore/UserGuide.html) now includes the following sections…

    FULL DOCUMENTATION is provided on an element-by-element basis
    A CHEAT SHEET is added as a quick reference guide to using the elements for cataloging
    Different VIEWS offer enhanced “at-a-glance” snapshots of the elements in v1.1:

      Graphical View
      Listed Alphabetically
      Listed by Content Class
      Listed by Obligation to Use (mandatory elements)
      Hierarchies and Element Interdependencies
    Significant CHANGES from PBCore v1.0 to v1.1 are itemized
    SAMPLE METADATA RECORDS for different media types are provided
    CASE EXAMPLES of PBCore Implementations have been researched and posted
    MAPPINGS of PBCore to other metadata standards and schemes are documented
    A CATALOGING TOOL to facilitate data entry and interoperability with other information systems is available
    The PBCore v1.1 XML SCHEMA DEFINITION (XSD) is published
    TRAINING SESSIONS for PBCore (live WebEx and On-Demand) are available

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