Cheat Sheet Published for Using PBCore Version 1.1

The existing online PBCore User Guide provides element-by-element definitions and properties in 53 different web pages, one page per element. This is considered as our Full Documentation. Many PBCore users have also requested a quick reference guide to the elements in order to to assist catalogers when entering descriptions for media items.

A Cheat Sheet for PBCore v1.1 is now published. It is a single web page with the PBCore elements organized according to their Content Classes (Intellectual Content, Intellectual Property, Instantiation, & Extensions). The Cheat Sheet includes an alphabetical index at the top of the page, with interactive jumps to a particular element’s description.

Each element begins with example data entries, followed by a brief definition for that element and guidelines for usage.

A PDF of the Cheat Sheet for PBCore v1.1 has been generated. This document includes the “bookmark” functionality of PDFs to facilitate moving around the 38 pages. Additionally, the PDF’s alphabetical index harvested from the online version of the Cheat Sheet offers the same interactive jumps to particular element descriptions within the PDF document. A link is provided at the top of the Cheat Sheet in order to download the PDF.

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