PBCore XSD (XML Schema Definition) Ready for Comments

he XSD (XML Schema Definition) for the PBCore metadata dictionary is available in draft form and is ready for comment from interested parties. The schema is available in both pdf and Word doc (zipped) formats.

For background information about XML schemas, link to our web page PBCore XML Schema.

To comment on the XML Schema, please submit feedback and suggestions through our PBCore listserv (sign up through the link PBCore Listserv).

Background Information: The Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary (PBCore) Version 1.0 is the product of a number of years of collaboration involving local and national television and radio organizations, numerous constituencies and related disciplines. It is intended as a common metadata and cataloguing resource for public broadcasters and associated communities. PBCore Version 1.0, as published on the PBCore website on April 1, 2005, defines 48 metadata elements, and remains current and valid.
(See http://pbcore.org for detailed information and extensive tutorials.)

There is a need to express the PBCore dictionary elements and definitions in a concise and structured manner to enable integration and interoperability across multiple systems. The PBCore XML Schema builds on the entire PBCore effort to date and takes this step. This document attempts to provide background rationale and discussion, along with the complete PBCore XML Schema and an example PBCore asset document (record). PBCoreXSDoverview.pdfPBCoreXSDoverview.zip (Word)

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