PBCore’s Next Steps Reviewed at 2006 PBS Technology Conference

With version 1.0 of the PBCore metadata dictionary published via its website (http://pbcore.org), the project has moved into a new phase. Through the next 18-months, funded by CPB and managed by NCAM, the National Center for Accessible Media, PBCore will aggressively engage in advocacy, training, implementation, and support activites in order to build a “Community of Practice” for the dictionary and its adoption by users, vendors, and standards groups.

The recently released draft of the PBCore XSD (XML Schema Definition) advances the integration and interoperability potential of the metadata dictionary by providing a structure to map to and from other schema-based products, tools and services.

Markup tools are of growing interest. Also planned are mappings and extensions for the PBCore elements to other systems and initiatives, such as HD Radio PSD, PBS PODS, archiving/repositories, and education/classroom utilizations.

Liaisons with various groups will be undertaken, as well as building use cases and models.

The presentation, delivered by Gerry Field, is available as a PDF document in the link below.


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